8 Dope Podcasts To Check Out

In an era where most of the content that we consume is digital, I am sure most of you are aware of the growing wave of podcasts. Being able to obtain content while on the go, and pretty much anywhere at any time, has led to the increased success of the podcast game.

My love for podcasts first started back in 2014, when I heard my favorite radio personality, Charlamagne Tha God, introduce the arrival of his new podcasts, The Brilliant Idiots. Since then, I have discovered many other podcasts that I thoroughly enjoy listening to every week. I have featured an array of podcasts with different themes, that will appeal to many different people.

This is just a list (in no particular order) of some of my favorite podcasts at the moment. If you are invested in the culture like I am, then I am sure you are familiar with a few if not majority of these podcasts. But for those who aren’t, check them out below.

Photo: Soundcloud.com
  1. The Brilliant Idiots – Of course I had to start the list with the first podcast that I ever listened to. The Brilliant Idiots, hosted by radio & t.v. personality Charlamagne Tha God, and comedian and actor Andrew Schulz, is a podcast that addresses everyday topics in a brilliant, and sometimes idiotic way. This podcast will provide listeners with a variety of topics from politics to Hip-Hop. If you like to laugh, and enjoy hearing raw and unfiltered opinions on the happenings within pop culture, than this is the podcast for you.
    Photo: Soundcloud.com
  2. The Joe Budden Podcast – Somewhat similar to The Brilliant Idiots, The Joe Budden Podcast allows listeners to join in on the hilarious conversations between three friends, Joe, Rory and Mal, as they discuss the latest in life, sports, music, and everything in between. For all you music lovers who enjoy discovering new tunes, be sure to stick around to the end of every episode, as they each feature their “sleeper” pick of the week. If you’re looking for something fun, and light hearted, check out The Joe Budden Podcast.
  3. Lip Service – Radio host Angela Yee, and her two friends
    Photo: Soundcloud.com
    Gigi Maguire and Stephanie Santiago, make up the trio of the Lip Service podcast. Each week, along with a special celebrity guests, the group talks about relationships, sex, sex, and more sex! They share stories about their personal sexcapades, and even sex horror stories. If you are shy or get uncomfortable when it comes to discussing intimate details about sex and relationships, than stay away. Otherwise, take a listen to Lip Service, I am sure you will learn and thing or two.
  4. Drink Champs – The Drink Champs podcast is for all Hip-Hop lovers! Rapper N.O.R.E and DJ EFN, bring you a new episode every week, often featuring a Hip-Hop legends such as, LL Cool J, Ice Cube, and Dame Dash.
    Photo: Twitter.com
    This podcast gives listeners a behind the scenes look into the music industry, and answers everything you’ve ever wanted to know. Along with a lot of laughs, you’ll hear untold industry stories, and get a closer listen into the journey of some of Hip-Hop’s greats. With the success of season 1 of the podcast, season 2 can now be watched on Revolt Tv. Hip-Hop heads, this one’s for you!
  5. Stuff You Should Know– The Stuff You Should Know podcast is presented by Josh and Chuck, as they discuss
    Photo: Stuffyoushouldknow.com
    everyday topics that people should know about. Ever wanted to know the history behind The Black Panthers, how HIV/Aids works, or how make-up was first developed? This is just to name a few. They feature an array of other topics to learn about. This podcast will having you listening for hours and hours. For the readers who like science, and history, or just looking for something interesting and very informative, look no further, and check out Stuff You Should Know.
  6. My Favorite Murder – The title, My Favorite Murder is exactly what this podcast is about. Ranked at #12 on the top charts for podcasts, hosts Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Harastark, tell the stories of some of their favorite murder cases. If you didn’t know, I am fascinated by true crime shows and mysteries, which is how I stumbled across this particular podcast.
    Photo: Podbay.com
    If you enjoy  watching the ID channel, or have an interest in murder mysteries, and true crime t.v., you will enjoy this podcast. While you’re checking out MFM, check out a few other crime and investigative podcasts such as Up & Vanished, and the ever so popular Serial.
  7. The Casey CrewThe Casey Crew features The Breakfast Club’s own DJ Envy, and his wife Gia Casey.
    Photo: Soundcloud.com
    The two have open and honest conversations about family and relationships. They give listeners an inside look into their 20 + year relationship, and how they’ve been able to sustain it through their ups and downs. They share personal stories and experiences, and also offer advice to listeners about everything from parenting, to sex, and even cheating. This is a great listen for just about everyone, because we all go through similar experiences when it comes to family, love, and relationships.
  8. Mo’nique & Sidney’s Open Relationship – With a tagline of “the types of conversations that we are normally afraid to have out loud,” this podcast is the epitome of being unapologetically open. Academy award winning actress Mo’nique,
    Photo: Play.it
    and her husband Sidney use their podcast as a platform to discuss things openly; from the truth about being black in Hollywood, religion, to racism in America. Mo’nique and Sidney take pride in speaking the truth, and this podcast will have you  intrigued by some of the candid stories shared by the two.


You can find these podcasts and more on Soundcloud, Play.it, iTunes, or via the Podcast app on all Apple devices. Let us know some of your favorite podcasts below.


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