How Important is a Title in a Relationship?

A title can be defined as an established or recognized right to something. It also can be a ground or basis for a claim. Have you ever found yourself dealing with someone and wondered what are we doing? Or maybe you are dreading having the “so what are we” talk? The conversation of clarity always comes at a some point in a relationship once it reaches a level where the nature of you two needs to be determined. Our question to you is exactly how important is a title to label your relationship status? Let us know your thoughts in the comments but first here is what the duo thinks…


I think the importance of the title is determined based on the nature of the relationship. To make it plain and simple, if you’re in a situationship, or have a friend with benefits, then no, you should not be expecting to get the title. On the other hand, if you are building a genuine relationship with a person that you have an emotional attachment to, then yes, i think the title is important. Here’s why. If you have a friend with benefits, or decide to be in a situationship, it is all fun with little to no strings attached, meaning a title should not be expected. The downside to this is, sometimes feelings can develop and eventually someone will want more. Unfortunately, that’s not what you signed up for!

But if two people go into a relationship with the understanding that they are eventually looking to develop something serious, the title is important. A title signifies security and most importantly it shows commitment. So, if you’ve been putting in a lot of time and energy into a person, have developed feelings, and you see a future with them, it only makes sense to eventually make it official. In my opinion, if a guy/girl wants to partake in “boyfriend or girlfriend” activities but doesn’t want to put an actual title on things, that is a clear sign that he/she may not really be interested in being with you and only you.

And although I feel that a title is important when growing in a relationship, I think that it is also important to be sure you are ready for the commitment before taking that next step. No one wants to end up in a failed relationship because they rushed into things.


The old me would definitely give the whole a title isn’t important if you two have an understanding and the infamous “what’s understood doesn’t need to be explained” rant about the topic. But the more mature me thinks that having a title in a relationship is very necessary because you need it to know that you and the other person are on the same page about what you are. Even if it’s dating, friends with benefits, just friends, exclusively dating, boyfriend/girlfriend, f**k buddy, etc. those are all titles. You may not like some or be down with them but it clearly defines what you and the person are to one another. The importance of having a title is to not be confused and out here looking crazy. If one person thinks that y’all are exclusively dating, meaning only seeing each other, while the other person feels as though you are only friends with benefits there is going to be issues and someone is going to end up with their feelings hurt.

To me having a title on the relationship sets boundaries and expectations out of a person. For instance, if you’re talking to someone and you both are just taking it easy you may not really care about little things they do like partying or not hitting you up for a couple of days. Once you slap that boyfriend/girlfriend title on the relationship though, it’s a different type of ball game. You expect more out of them and for them to conduct themselves like they are in a relationship.

These different titles show what stage you are in your relationship and if it is even worth your time and effort. I’m not saying to force the “what are we conversation” but it is good to have a clear understanding with your partner so that both parties can act accordingly.


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