Take Two: OG Heartthrobs

It’s Thursday! So that means two things: 1) only one more day to go until the weekend and 2) it’s time to do a second take. If you’re not familiar with this concept let us explain. Every other Thursday we will be featuring a double take on some of our favorite songs, movies, albums, artists, etc. For nostalgia purposes of course. We feel that some of our fav people, places and things need more recognition. Therefore, we are bringing them back for a little more action as a take two. The gag is we can only pick one each!  

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, this week we both chose an OG throwback heartthrob that could use a little bit more spotlight put on them in today’s world. These cuties are the ones who made our hearts stop and skip a beat as a preteen. They were our first loves. Their faces were plastered all over our bedroom walls. Here are the boys that had all of the girls going crazy in the early 2000s.

Ladies, we got y’all.

Be sure to let us know in the comments below if you agree with our picks and also who else were some OG heartthrobs along with your social media. We’ll feature you in another post. Enjoy!


Obviouslyyy the one and only OG heartthrob that fits this description is Lil Bow Wow. Duh! This was a no brainer. I’m ashamed to say that no one ever has had me wrapped around their finger the way that Bow Wow had me back in the day…and I never even met this man. From harassing my mom for tickets to the Scream Tours to stalking every issue of Word Up! Magazine for full sized posters to plaster onto my bedroom walls, Bow Wow is the ultimate heartthrob of the early 2000 era. No ifs, ands or buts about it. And how could you forget how epic each and every one of his appearances on 106 and Park were!? Clearly he was Mr. 106 for a reason. Say what you want about who Shad Moss is today but you cannot deny that Lil Bow Wow was a superstar back in the day. He had the hit records, movies, tours and most of all the girls (grown women included). Tbh I lowkey feel like boys even looked up to him with the cornrows, the jerseys, etc. 

I just want to end this with one of Bow’s greatest hits that represented the type of heartthrob he was back in his day.


When this OG heartthrob first hit the scene in the early 2000s, he was only 12 years young. Singer Sammie captured my heart, and all of the young girls around the world. He was first introduced to us when he released his first hit single “I Like It.” Sammie had a sweet voice and an infectious smile that immediately made him a hit with all the young ladies. In 2006, after a brief hiatus, he dropped his second album featuring his single “You Should Be My Girl.” He took many by surprise upon his return. Sammie had now grown from a cute, sweet little boy, into a handsome, mature young man. He then went on to collab with Soulja Boy on their notable song “Kiss Me Thru the Phone.” If you didn’t know, Sammie continues to make music and perform all around the country. Most recently, he dropped a new EP entitled, 31873.0. When reminiscing about music & entertainment during the 2000s era, it’s a must that we mention Sammie. He definitely goes down as an OG R&B heartthrob.



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