#GirlTalk : Are Looks Important?

Let’s be honest, if we all had the option to build our ideal partner I’m sure majority, if not all, of us would create the most attractive person we possibly could. Too bad this is not a fantasy land and we all can not have our own personal Idris Elba. When dating and meeting new people, I think it’s only natural that we tend to notice the physical attraction first. From that initial meeting you decide how far it goes from there. Let’s chat…are looks really that important?

Check out what the duo thinks and vote who you agree with more. Also, don’t forget to leave your opinion in the comment section!


The topic that brings the most shallow thoughts out of me…I apologize in advance. Yes, looks are VERY important to me and here’s why. In my opinion, there is no possible way that I am going to be with someone and take them seriously if I’m not initially attracted to them in any way. Remember ladies, you have to look in this person’s face, go on dates, and kiss them among other things. How are you faking the funk with someone who doesn’t physically do it for you!? This is not to say because I find someone unattractive in my eyes they aren’t attractive in yours. We all have different tastes and preferences in a partner but the way they treat me isn’t going to do it alone. I consider this a bonus feature because first and foremost I have to be attracted to you to even seriously entertain your conversation. Personality, style, mannerisms, life goals, chivalry, etc. all come next. It’s shallow, I know. I may be missing out on some amazing people, I know. But I just cannot build something with someone that I don’t get that “zamnnn zaddy” feeling when I look at him. Everyone wants a catch. We all want our dream guy. We all have certain features that turn us on about the opposite sex. I’ve tried with guys who aren’t typically “my type.” In the end, they were really good guys and they will make some woman very very happy one day but it just could never be me. Chemistry is real and if our physical elements aren’t compatible then that mix isn’t going to work.


Looks are not a necessity but definitely appreciated. But, if i am not attracted to you physically, you have to possess other attributes that will attract me to you. As you get older and start looking for something serious, looks can be compromised for with other great qualities such as sense of humor, personality, and intellect. Remember, looks can fade. I think it is important to focus on what’s on the inside and how a person treats you. With that being said, it’s perfectly okay to turn down someone because you are not attracted to him/her in the least bit. At the end of the day, you’re the one who has to lay up and kiss on this person. But, if you happen to meet someone and their not the cutest but have great conversation, why not give it a chance? You never know, you may have just found your soulmate.




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