10 Commandments of the Group Chat

Ahhh group chats. One of the most sacred messages in your phone. Friend’s biggest secrets and daily shenanigans at your fingertips. You were added to this message for a reason whether it be for planning a vacation, keeping up with your family, class projects or just for pure entertainment with your friends. We are here to help you learn your role and share the most important things to remember about being a part of a group chat.

Here are the 10 commandments of a group chat. 

Iphone group chat

  1. First and foremost, thou shall let whatever happens in the chat stay in the chat. ALL things discussed in the group chat need to stay IN THE CHAT. If the members in the group wanted others to know they would tell them. Don’t be that person.
  2. Thou shall be active and not lurk. Participation points in the group chat is a big thing. What’s the point of being in the group if you aren’t adding to the convo? P.S. reacting doesn’t equal participation.
  3. Thou shall not reply all if there are unknown numbers in the chat. When Auntie sends out a mass text inviting everybody and their mama to her 50th birthday party DO NOT respond in the message. Text her individually or receive endless “who is this?” messages for the next couple of days. You’ve been warned.
  4. Thou shall mute the conversation or put your whole phone on DND while at work, in class or about to sleep. This commandment is self explanatory. Just do yourself the favor. Do not disturb is your friend.
  5. Thou shall NOT text in the middle of the night if it isn’t an emergency. Some people don’t follow the fourth commandment. Acceptable texting hours are 9am-12am with weekend exceptions. xoxo Management
  6. Thou shall share all deetz or none at all. No half assing your stories in the chat. We need screenshots, names, social media handles, pictures, etc. If you’re not going to share it all then don’t share at all sis.iphone notifications
  7. Thou shall not jump in the chat hours late asking about a topic that has already passed. If you’ve missed part of the convo sorry but scroll up and play catch up.
  8. Thou shall only have all team iPhone or team Androids in a chat, no mixing. Those green bubbles throw the chat off every time. No shade.
  9. Thou shall not judge topics discussed in the chat. If it’s not your thing sis then sit that convo out. Don’t make others feel uncomfortable about things they like discussing. Be open minded. If you can’t talk freely with your friends are y’all even really friends?
  10. Lastly, thou shall not let outsiders read the chat! Be mindful of nosey neighbors and who you leave your phone unlocked around. Protect the chat at all times.

Well there you have it. 10 commandments that shall go for every group chat. If there are any that we missed or you disagree with leave a comment below for us to discuss.


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