Love Matters: Ultimate Black Sitcom Relationship Goals

Have you ever got so wrapped up in a series and the character’s lives that you began to wish their fictional relationships were your reality? Most of us has probably been there at some point in our lives, envying the perfectly written love stories that’ll leave you questioning what relationships should entail. Everything from lavish dates to living a lifestyle you could only dream of may have you praying for a significant other with the qualities of your fictitious soulmate. Black love represented on TV over the years has shown examples of the way perfectly unperfect admiration should look giving us what we now call #goals.

Here is a compilation of relatable representations of black love and relationship goals from some of the greatest black sitcoms. As always this isn’t an all inclusive list so leave us your fav relationship goals in the comments. Enjoy!

ced and lovita-the-dope-duo

Cedric and Lovita –  Nobody loved their Ceddy Bear more than Lovita Alize Jenkins. Co-Workers turned lovers showed us what unconditional black love is.


Melanie and Derwin – Who didn’t love Med School and DingDong’s relationship? I mean come on. The love story of holding somebody down through the come up and being there no matter what is more than goals. “You wasn’t with me shooting in the gym.”


Moesha and Q – The teenage lovers who would do anything to be with each other, even if it meant sneaking out after curfew and getting in trouble with daddy. These two exuded what young puppy love looks like growing into your adult years.

Will Smith-Nia Long-Fresh Prince-The Dope Duo

Will and Lisa – “One good girl is worth a thousand bitches.” This couple is goals because Lisa was the one woman throughout the series that Will took seriously and gave up all of his hunnies and player ways to make her happy. Any girl that can turn a player into a husband is #goals


Jamie and Fancy –  Goofy couple goals. Jamie’s sense of humor and Fancy’s chic demeanor was the ultimate balance to make this couple goals. After years of friendship, the pair finally made it official and surpassed Uncle Junior and Aunt Helen as the hottest couple at the King’s Tower.

dwayne wayne-whitley gilbert-the-dope-duo

Dwayne Wayne and Whitley – College couple goals. If only college relationships really happened the way it did with these two. Semesters went by of Dwayne chasing after Whitley until she gave in and realized that he was more than she could ever dream of or that her money could buy.

martin and gina-the-dope-duo

Martin & Gina – Damnnnn Gina! This couple is goals for many reasons but the main reason is because how relatable and realistic their relationship was. Every girl wants somebody who can make them smile and laugh even on their worse days and Martin was the one who could do that for Gina. Fellas take notes.


Cliff & Claire Huxtable – The couple of all couples. Cliff and Claire were basically everyone’s tv parents. They showed black people being successful, married, committed and raising respectable kids. Their relationship wasn’t a gimic but Cliff was who all boys aspired to be as a man and husband while women wished to be as graceful as Claire.



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