Weekend Playlist: Break Up Blues “Savage Edition”

Photo: Aliciawatersyoga

It’s that time again! The weekend is here and I have a new playlist for you all. The theme of this weekend’s playlist is Break Up Blues: Savage Edition.

Now I’m sure we’ve all experienced a break up or two, some worse than others. And because music can be very therapeutic when going through a trying time, I decided to share a playlist for those of you that may be experiencing the break up blues. But, this is not your average break up playlist that features sad songs that will have you in your feelings all night. Nope… no more crying! This is the Break Up Blues: Savage Edition. Eight “savage” songs that will not only empower, but help you to get over, and move on from that treacherous break up.

  1. Bust The Windows by Jazmine Sullivan – This is probably one of my all time favorite “savage” break up songs. Sometimes a heartbreak warrants a little car damage.
  2. Single Again by Trina – “You know how they do, how they act, see you with another man then they want you back.” Trina helped empower all the ladies who are newly single with this female anthem.
  3. Take A Bow by Rihanna – Here is the perfect song for those of you who have an ex that can put on quite a show when trying to win you back. We can see through the bs apologies.
  4. Heard It All Before by Sunshine Anderson – This is a song that most of us know word for word. A classic hit, that is definitely for anyone who is tired of their lying, cheating ex.  
  5. Sorry by Beyoncé – Even the queen has experienced heartbreak. Shoutout to Beyoncé for delivering another hit record to help strengthen women when going through a tough time.
  6. Epiphany by Chrisette Michelle – You ever just have an epiphany and realize, yeah… “I think I’m just about over being your girlfriend.”
  7. IDFWU by Big Sean – Sometimes after a break up you just want to be a little rude. Listen to this song before you go on social media to vent about how much you cannot stand your ex.
  8. F*ck It (Don’t Want You Back) by Eamon – One of the most ruthless and explicit break up songs ever. This song signifies giving zero f*cks after a break up.

Share with us your favorite savage break up song by commenting below!


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