Weekend Playlist: Beyonce’s Greatest Hits

Beyonce’ Lemonade. Photo: Vice

For this weekend’s playlist I have decided to continue celebrating the Queen Bey’s birthday and Virgo season by dedicating this hit list solely to her greatest jams in my opinion. Of course almost everything Bey puts out is fire but this list of hits has what I rank (in no particular order) top of the totem pole in her discography.

Crank this playlist into your speakers, unleash your inner Beyoncé and get your life to some of the queen’s greatest hits. It’s still beyday honey bees!

Diva – A diva is the female version of hustla! Of a hustla! Of a, of a hustla! This song had every girl feeling bad and bougee before there was even bad and bougee. The self confidence that this song gave women when it first came out was remarkable. Bey encouraging every woman to boss up will forever be iconic.

Upgrade U (feat. Jay-Z) – One of many songs that Beyonce has with her hubby Jay-Z but this one in particular landed in this greatest playlist because she’s bossing him up and upgrading his life rather than him doing it. Ladies be the upgrade! Play your part but still let him take the lead role like Bey said.

XO –  A song dedicated to her fans, #beyhive standup, this song is nothing but positive vibes all around. Loving each other until the time runs out is what this blog is about so we stan for it’s message.

Flawless (Woke Up Like This) – Loveeee when the Houston comes out of Bey through her music. In Flawless she gets hella cocky letting the world know she can still hang with the ratchets and that she runs this music shit. This song had the whole world quoting “I woke up like this.” Hella girl power. Your fav could never! P.S. If you want even more of a bop, check out the remix with Nicki Minaj.

Me, Myself and I – Throwback Bey. Me, myself and I HAD to be added to this list because us as ladies have to rely on ourselves and learn that we are all we need at the end of the day. Self worth is the word I’m looking for. Going through a break up? Listen to this track and I promise you’ll feel empowered. Even if you’re not…self love baby girl, self love.

Dangerously in Love – The vocals sang on this song itself made me include this song on this list. In the beginning of Beyonce’s solo career she proved that she could hold her own vocally with this ballad. We all strive to find someone who makes us feel the way the lyrics makes you think of love. Play this at my wedding. Thanks.

Party (ft. Andre 3000) – “I may be young but I’m readyyy!” This banger is a timeless collab. It appealed to all age groups across the spectrum. Turn this on at any function and I promise you everybody from your mama, aunties and even uncle junebug will start jamming because who doesn’t like to party every once in a while.

All Night – “Nothing real can be threatened,” has to be the most honest lyric of this love song. Beyonce knows exactly how to exude love even through the pain that relationships may bring. This song is just beautiful in every way. All Night speaks for itself and doesn’t need much of an explanation.

Freakum Dress – Ladies when your man start acting up you already know what to do. Go in the back of your closet and pull out that outfit you’ve been waiting to hit the town in and let him know he not the only one who can act up. Beyonce giving timeless words of wisdom. Throw this on before you go out to give your confidence a boost when you look in the mirror.

Crazy in Love – How could I not include Bey’s first solo song ever? “You ready Bey?” Jay- Z asked but little did we know he should’ve been asking us because the way she came and stormed through the music industry nobody can match it.

A classic. An icon.

Beyonce’s whole catalog is out of this world. Gems on each and every album but this my top 10 playlist of Beyonce’s greatest hits. What’s your ranking? Let me know in the comments.


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