Take Two: Throwback Boy Band Sleepers

Happy Throwback Thursday! Each and every Thursday, we will be featuring a double take on some of our favorite songs, movies, albums, artists, etc for nostalgia purposes of course. We feel that some of our fav things need more recognition. Therefore, we are bringing them back for a little more action as a take two. The gag is we can only pick one each! This week we both chose one hit song from a boy band that we feel went under the radar for most but deserves a second listen.

Let us know in the comments what boy band had a song that you think we should take another look at. Enjoy!

Janae’s Pick:

One Day on This Earth – Brutha

My pick for a boy band throwback is one by five talented brothers, who were first introduced to the world in their debut appearance on BET’s reality series, Brothers to Brutha. Premiering in 2008, the show followed the five brothers, Anthony, Jacob, Poppa, Grady, and Jared on their crazy journey of completing their first studio album.

If you were a fan of the show, I am sure you may be familiar with their songs “I Can’t Hear The Music” featuring Fabolous, and “She’s Gone”, which were both released on their debut album entitled, Brutha. But did you all know they had a second album called Vacany? Check out my boy band throwback pick of the week, “One Day On This Earth” from Brutha’s second studio album, Vacany.

India’s Pick:

Lost in Love – i15

I have chose the song Lost in Love by the boy band i15 to take a second look at this week. The three man band was composed of Castro, Das and Flash who signed to Interscope Records through hit producer Polow the Don in the summer of 2006 when he was working with some of the biggest artist at that time like Ciara, Rich Boy (who has a cameo in the video), Ludacris and more. The trio was also featured on label mate Soulja Boy Tell Em’s 2007 hit song ‘Soulja Girl.’

Lost in Love’s relatable lyrics mixed with it’s racy R&B beat makes it the perfect song to revisit and add into your throwback playlist. Last I heard after the group split up is that Castro, who goes by JR Castro (@jrcastrolv) now, is still making music, Das/Pyro (@himhot) is a singer and producer and Flash (@jesus_lied) is out here living his best life. Enough rambling, just give Lost in Love a second chance I promise you won’t regret it. I mean the video’s 2.3 million views speaks for itself.


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