Dope or Nope? Squiggly Eyebrows

Photos: @melovemealot on Instagram

Bad Bitch Commandment #1 :

Thine Eyebrows Shall Stay on Fleek. Dafuqqq

There’s this new trend that has taken over the internet…squiggly eyebrows? Or are we calling them wavy brows? Whatever the name may be, the trend has us questioning our entire existence.  If you haven’t heard yet, women are making their eyebrows do a squiggly dance instead of being arched and concealed to perfection. Need a visual? See exhibit A below.

Photo: Promise Tamang, @promisetamang on IG
Now, we usually like to stay on trend for the next thing in makeup and fashion but we aren’t too sure about this one. Is it photoshop or is this real life? The trend came about when beauty influencer Promise Tamang (@promisetamang) posted a picture of her worm-like brows for all of her 1 million followers to see. 

In an interview with Pop Sugar, Promise revealed that the idea originally came about when she was inspired by a photoshopped picture online which featured squiggly brows. She goes on to explain her method of using washable and Beyoncé approved PVA glue to flatten her eyebrows then using concealer and powder to completely cover her brow hairs before using black gel liner mixed with brow pomade to create the wavy shape.

Promise’s Instagram photo received mixed reviews and caught the attention of the internet, even becoming a common topic on Twitter.

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Squid Brows

Just a couple of years ago all girls came to a consensus and took a vow for all eyebrows to remain on fleek, now this trend is picking up. Are we still calling them ‘on fleek?’ Anyways, this new trend has us wondering if you guys are going to ditch your golden arches for some creepy crawlers. 

What are your thoughts on the #squigglybrow trend? Let us know down below if it’s dope or a complete nope.
Source: Pop Sugar