Review – Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life


Chris Brown’s highly anticipated documentary Welcome to My Life released June 8th, in theaters across the nation giving all CB fans what they have been waiting on for years; his side of the story. Although in the opening he lets us know it’s not his ‘side’ per se. He is just speaking his truth.

Welcome to My Life presents interviews by Usher, Mary J. Blidge, DJ Khaled, Rita Ora, Mike Tyson, Tyga and many others expressing their opinions about the life of their dear friend Chris Brown. The documentary also archives every element and milestone of Chris Brown’s life in chronological order. Footage from the superstar’s younger years along with past and present interviews, appearances and performances are shown throughout the hour and a half documentary. Any questions about topics that you might’ve had regarding his life will get answered throughout this film. Almost nothing goes uncovered.

A highly publicized subject that is obviously touchy and sensitive when it comes to talking about anything regarding Chris’ life is the Rihanna situation. Just know that he goes into FULL detail about the whole ordeal from the day they met, how they became official to what really happened after the Clive Davis Grammy party back in 2009. For the first time ever, Chris sat down and revealed play by play every gruesome detail of what went down and how he felt in that moment. Some of it bound to make your jaw drop by how specific he got. Not to give away any spoilers but Chris shared that the ‘Chrianna’ were together 8 months before the media started to speculate about them after their 2007 VMA performance.  

Chris goes on to explain the backlash of the incident and how he basically lost everything from endorsements, fans and most of all his sanity. He talks about the depression he felt and how he locked himself in his room for months leading him to partake in drugs to numb his pain. In the midst of this turmoil he shared that he met Karrueche Tran and she helped keep him levelheaded. Eventually his drug habit and anger got the best of him landing him in rehab after he broke a man’s nose in Washington, DC for asking to take a picture. In this segment he recants what happened while in rehab and why he was kicked out and shipped off to do time in the county jail.

Throughout his tumultuous life there was light at the end of the tunnel. Chris talks about when he first got the call from Royalty’s mom letting him know that he was the father of the baby girl. Although in hindsight it ended his relationship with Karrueche he says that he wouldn’t trade his daughter for anything. “She was made for me,” Chris gushed about the now 3-year-old.   


Whether if you are Team Breezy, a fan of Chris Brown or even a naysayer this film will give you great insight on the person that Chris is and how he grew into the man he is today. His honesty and vulnerability will give you a new respect for him as a person and the trials that he has been through.

If you missed the nationwide premiere you can view the documentary on iTunes.


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